Top 10 Android Apps to Try in August 2023

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The Google Play Store is filled with hundreds of thousands of apps, making it difficult to discover new apps that are actually worth downloading. To help cut through the noise, here are 10 of the best new and updated Android apps from August 2023 that are definitely worth checking out.

1. Standby – iOS Inspired Widgets

One of the most exciting things showcased with iOS 17 were the beautiful new lock screen widgets, like the astronomy photo widget. Well, Standby is an Android app that replicates this exact feature with iOS-inspired clock widgets.

Standby has 13 different widget screens to choose from, some of which are limited to the pro version. But they all look very authentic with neat animations. And with an automation app like MacroDroid, you can set Standby to automatically open when charging your phone.

For Android users who want an iOS aesthetic, Standby brings standout widgets from iOS 17 to your home screen in style.

2. Widget – Customizable Home Screen Widgets

Widget is a powerful free widget tool packed with a huge collection of material design widgets. When you select a widget, the app provides customization options to perfectly suit your home screen.

You can change widget colors, adjust layouts, and choose from tons of customizable clock faces. Widget makes it easy to create a customized Android home screen with beautiful widgets tailored to your style.

3. Cocoon Weaver – Audio Note Taking App

Cocoon Weaver is a beautifully designed audio note taking app, perfect for organizing thoughts and ideas. Just tap the record button and start talking. When finished, tap pause, then finish and your recording is instantly transcribed.

You can search through audio notes, type notes, categorize everything, and keep it all neatly organized. For journaling, note taking, and organizing ideas, Cocoon Weaver is a helpful addition to your app arsenal.

4. Smart Doc – Dock like the Pixel Fold

If you liked the dock implementation on the Pixel Fold, Smart Doc emulates this feature. Once enabled, tap the arrow indicator to view your most recently used apps in a dock that you can launch from.

Swiping up reveals your full app list. You can also dive into dock settings with tons of tweaks for look and behavior customization. Smart Doc brings a Pixel-style dock to any Android device for easy app access.

5. Simulator – Automate Repetitive Actions

Tired of repetitive actions in apps you wish you could automate? Simulator is the perfect solution. Create automations by recording touch patterns, like a swipe or scroll. You can even record patterns within other apps for really specific automations.

Add multiple patterns to a simulation, reorder them, name it, then play to activate your automation anytime. Whether it’s scrolling social feeds, batch uninstalling apps, or other repetitive tasks, Simulator can automate it for you.

6. Save On Device – Download Folder Organization

The Save on Device app brings much needed organization to your downloads folder. After installing, any file you share from your phone gives the option to save directly to your device in a location of your choosing.

No more cluttered downloads folders filled with disorganized files. With Save on Device, your downloads are sorted and saved exactly where you want them.

7. Universe in a Nutshell – Interactive Universe Simulation

Universe in a Nutshell lets you explore the known cosmos through a beautifully designed interactive simulation. Swipe to zoom from cosmic formations to microscopic bacteria, tapping objects to learn more.

Over 250 animated illustrations explain complex concepts about the universe and science. It’s an immersive way to learn about everything from black holes to bacteria in an engaging interactive experience.

8. Rain – Fun, Colorful Weather App

Tired of boring weather apps? Rain brings a splash of color and personality. The clean, minimal interface shows current weather with bright, vivid icons. Scroll to see the 7-day hourly forecast.

You also get additional weather details like sunrise/sunset times, wind speed, UV index, and more. While light on complex features, Rain is a simple, free weather app with a fun and colorful design.

9. Allowance – Track Spending Habits

Allowance is a beautifully designed spending tracker. Set your allowance, reset date, and amount. As you spend money, log the amount and description, then tap the complete button.

The clean interface and bouncy, fun animations make tracking expenses enjoyable. Allowance helps you stay on top of spending without complexity.

10. Threads – A Back to Basics Version of Twitter

If you missed the launch of the hot new social media app Threads, it aims to get back to the basics of what made Twitter fun. Built around Instagram accounts, Threads has no ads and far fewer features.

It likely won’t replace Twitter anytime soon, but the vibrant community of early adopters means there’s already exciting conversations happening. For a refreshing take on social media, Threads is worth checking out.

Exploring New Android Apps

The Google Play Store is full of hidden gems if you know where to look. Trying out new apps is an exciting part of the Android experience. You never know when you’ll discover your next favorite app.

What Android apps have you fallen in love with recently? Share your recommendations in the comments below!

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Discover More Top Apps

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