Smartphone Tips & Tricks [2024 Edition]- Boost up your Tech IQ

Smartphones have become an integral part of our daily lives. We rely on them for everything from communication to entertainment, navigation to productivity. With smartphone usage at an all-time high, it’s important to know how to get the most out of these powerful little devices.

Smartphone Tips and Tricks - Top Mobile Cheats

In this guide, we’ll provide over 100 genius tips and tricks to make you a smartphone pro. You’ll learn beginner techniques, intermediate shortcuts, and advanced hacks to boost your phone IQ. From maximizing battery life to discovering hidden features, these smartphone secrets will transform how you use your device.

Let’s dive in and start unleashing your phone’s true potential!

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Getting Started: Basic Smartphone Skills

Before jumping into more advanced tips, let’s cover some smartphone basics that every user should know. These simple tricks will streamline how you interact with your device.

Adjust Torch Brightness

Instead of fumbling through brightness settings, simply hold down the torch icon to toggle and adjust the brightness level. This makes it easy to get the perfect beam of light.

One-Handed Map Navigation

Navigating maps with one hand can be tricky, especially when carrying bags or luggage in the other. For easy one-handed use, double tap the screen and slide without lifting your finger to look around the map.

Airplane Mode Faked Call Dropout

Don’t want to rudely hang up on someone? Toggle on Airplane Mode to mimic a bad connection and dropped call. Way more polite than faking “oops sorry I’m going through a tunnel!”

Alarmy App Wake Up Challenges

If you struggle waking up, try the Alarmy app. It makes you complete challenges like solving math problems or taking photos to turn off the alarm. Evil, but effective!

WhatsApp Text Formatting

Surround a word with underscores to make it italic in WhatsApp. Great for adding emphasis or indicating sarcasm.

Edit Sent WhatsApp Messages

Accidentally make a typo in WhatsApp? You can now edit and correct messages within 15 minutes of sending them.

Custom WhatsApp Notification Tones

Set custom notification tones for important WhatsApp contacts so you never miss urgent messages. Prioritize chats from your boss or family.

WhatsApp Chat Home Screen Shortcuts

Create dedicated home screen icons to quickly access frequently used WhatsApp chats. Skip digging through your contacts each time.

Intermediate Tips for Power Users

Now that you’ve mastered the basics, let’s move on to some more advanced tricks to step up your smartphone game. These tips will make you a power user and maximize productivity.

Delete Duplicate Photos

Your photo gallery cluttered with duplicates? Save storage space by deleting duplicate images in one tap. Remove those recycled memes once and for all.

Find and Remove Unused Apps

Your phone storage filling up from forgotten apps? Check the storage settings to easily find and uninstall unused applications. Reclaim that precious space.

Android Contact Shortcuts

Speed up calls and messages by swiping Android contacts. Swipe left to message, right to call. Faster than poking tiny icons.

Cursor Control with Spacebar

Move the text cursor precisely by hard pressing the spacebar and sliding left or right. Perfect for quickly fixing typos or formatting.

Chrome Tab Tricks

Swiftly switch between Chrome tabs by swiping the toolbar. Open a new tab by swiping down when on the last tab. Faster tab juggling!

Random Wallpaper Shuffle

Never get bored of your home screen. Enable the shuffle wallpaper setting to automatically rotate through your favorite images.

Double Tap to Launch Apps

Set a double tap on the back of your phone (iPhone) or power button (Samsung) to instantly launch the camera or any other app.

Continued Conversations

Enable continued conversations on Google Assistant to have it keep listening after responding. Skip repeatedly saying “Hey Google” to have a conversation.

Control Center Quick Note

iOS Control Center has a hidden Quick Note feature to instantly jot down thoughts without opening the Notes app. Perfect for random reminders.

Pro Tips for Customization and Focus

Ready to take your smartphone mastery up another level? These pro techniques will customize and streamline how your device works for you.

Share WiFi via QR Code

Convert your WiFi login details into a QR code placed around your home for easy guest access. No more sharing that tricky 8 letter password!

NFC Tags for Automatic WiFi Login

Take automatic guest WiFi access even further by setting up NFC tags. Tap your phone to the tag placed by your door to instantly join the network.

Sound Recognition for Doorbells

Use the sound recognition accessibility feature to get notifications anytime your doorbell rings or someone knocks. Never miss a visitor or delivery.

Bedtime Dark Mode

Leverage Dark Mode’s blue light filtering to automatically enable it at your bedtime and disable it in the morning. Support your circadian rhythm!

Customize App Shortcuts

Speed up common actions by adding customized app shortcuts like Share and Voice Search to your browser toolbar. Tailor it to your needs.

Full Page Screenshots

Capture entire webpages with a single screenshot using Full Page mode. No more messy stitching screenshots together.

Double Tap Screen Off

Quickly turn off the screen without the power button by double tapping the empty area of your home screen. Tap again to instantly wake it up.

Floating Keyboard

Enable Gboard’s floating keyboard option to move it anywhere on the screen for easier one-handed typing and visibility.

Measurement Unit Conversion

No more fiddling with calculator conversions! Simply tap and hold on a measurement unit in any app to convert it to another unit.

Close Browser Tabs Fast

Holding down the tabs button in your mobile browser lets you swiftly close tabs or open a new incognito tab. Faster than tapping through menus.

Adapt Volume to Your Age

Maximize audio quality and safety by enabling Volume Level Adaptation. This automatically optimizes levels based on your age to prevent damage.

Download Playlists for Offline Listening

Save mobile data when listening to Spotify playlists on repeat. Download the playlist once over WiFi then listen offline without streaming.

Dark Mode to Save Battery

Switch to Dark Mode to extend battery life by up to 20%. The darker pixels require less power than brightly lit screens.

Accessibility Live Captions

Can’t listen to audio out loud? Enable Live Captions to read out loud any audio playing on your device, from videos to phone calls.

White Noise for Better Sleep

Drown out distractions and fall asleep easier with iOS’s built-in white noise generator. Includes ocean, rain, and other ambient sounds.

Custom Text Replacement Shortcuts

Create text replacement shortcuts to enter long phrases and emails with quick one word shortcuts. Save time typing out frequently used terms.

Notification Summary

Consolidate less important notifications into a daily summary. Get notified about timely matters instantly while other updates wait.

Master-Level Tricks for Tech Pros

Think you’ve mastered every smartphone trick? These advanced hacks will take your tech skills to the next elite level. Become a true smartphone ninja with these tips.

App Icon Quick Actions

Press and hold on app icons to reveal a list of handy shortcuts for each one. See what time-saving actions developers have hidden behind the scenes.

Instantly Share Your Screen

Instead of awkwardly passing your phone around to share photos, tell Google Assistant “Share this with [name]” to instantly share your screen during a video call.

Find My Device Locator

Can’t find your iPad or Galaxy Buds? Just say “Hey Google, where are my Galaxy Buds?” to make them start ringing at full volume even if silenced.

AI Shopping Assistants

Let Google Assistant or Siri track your shopping list. Say “Add bananas to my shopping list” throughout the week, then view the full list at the store.

Background Video Call Effects

Spice up your standard video chats with fun backgrounds and effects. Most messaging apps include these customizable options to make calls more engaging.

Read Aloud Articles and Books

Multitask while learning by having your voice assistant read aloud articles, books, or anything else on your screen. Enjoy hands-free learning on the go.

Assistant Restaurant Bookings

No more fruitless web searching for restaurant reservations. Just say “Hey Google, book me a table for 2 at [restaurant] tonight at 7pm” and confirm the details.

Turn Off Face ID with Power Button

Press the power button 5 times quickly to temporarily disable Face ID. Prevent others from unlocking your phone if coerced. Re-enable Face ID by unlocking with your passcode once.

Built-In Calculator Tricks

Select the calculator app and swipe across numbers (instead of hitting delete) to remove digits. Also swipe left/right to seamlessly switch between advanced calculator modes.

Karaoke Mode

Belt out your favorite tunes using Apple Music’s built-in karaoke mode. It automatically lowers the song’s vocals so you can take the lead!

Custom Vibration Alerts

Assign custom vibration patterns to contacts so you can identify callers without looking at your phone. Never ask “who’s calling?” again.

Voice Control Your iPhone

Take hands-free control of your iPhone to new heights with the accessibility Voice Control feature. Navigate menus, open apps, dictate texts and more with Siri voice commands.

Disable Face ID Coercion Bypass

Avoid forced phone unlocking by quickly tapping the power button 5 times to disable Face ID. Re-enable it by unlocking manually with your passcode once.

Built-In Calculator

Perform quick calculations right in iPhone’s Spotlight Search bar without launching the calculator app. Just type the equation to get instant results.

Pair Wine and Food

Feeling fancy? Samsung’s Bixby Vision can read a wine label and recommend food pairings to match that vintage. An oddly sophisticated feature.

Dynamic Island for Android

Get the iPhone 14 Pro’s Dynamic Island notification display on Android devices using apps like DynamicSpot. See notifications in a fresh way.

Emergency Contacts

Set up emergency contacts on your lock screen. First responders can call them from your phone even when locked to get you help. A potentially life-saving feature.

Digital Car Key

Ditch the physical key fob by setting up your phone as a digital car key for supported vehicles. Unlock and drive just by having your phone.

Diagnostics Testing Screens

Key in #0# on your dial pad to open advanced diagnostic menus for testing things like your touch screen, buttons, and camera. Verify hardware functions.

Automatic Flight Updates

When you receive a flight confirmation text or email, iOS can detect the flight number and automatically track it for you. Super convenient for travelers!

Fix Water-Damaged Speakers

If your phone speakers get muffled from water damage, play an audio repair video on full volume from The frequencies clear out the water!

Screen Pinning for Privacy

Keep prying eyes away from your private content by enabling screen pinning before handing your phone over. It restricts access to just the current app.

Master Tips for Customization

These advanced customization tricks will let you tailor your smartphone experience exactly to your needs and preferences. Become a power user with these expert tips.

Magnetic Multi-Charging Cable

Consolidate your cables with an magnetic multi-head USB cable. Switch between different removable head connectors to charge all your devices from one cord.

Custom Notification Light

Miss your old notification LED? Mimic it by designating a few edge pixels as a makeshift light that lights up when you get specific app alerts.

Automatic Away Messages

Set your phone to auto-respond with a custom away message when you decline calls. Perfect for avoiding unwanted business calls after work hours.

IFTTT Automation App

Take customization and automation to the max with IFTTT. Set up Applets that trigger actions like texting your ETA when you leave work, sharing liked YouTube videos to playlists, and hundreds of other combinations.

Focus Modes for Distraction-Free Work

Configure Focus Modes to automatically silence notifications and show only relevant apps when you arrive at work or other locations that require focus. Toggle on and off as needed.

Custom Focus Mode Screens

iOS 16 lets you assign custom lock screen wallpapers and widgets to specific Focus Modes. Your screen automatically shifts its entire look and content depending on your current mode.

Back Tap Feature for Shortcuts

Assign actions like taking screenshots or launching apps to double or triple tapping the back of your iPhone. Configure it exactly how you want.

Good Lock for Deep Android Customization

Unleash deeper customization powers on Galaxy phones with the Good Lock suite of apps. Options include Routines+, for expanded automation triggers, and One Hand Operation+ for controlling your phone entirely with gestures.

AR Tech Support Video Calls

Help technologically challenged friends and family by using the Chalk app for AR tech support video calls. Draw virtual annotations on their screen to easily guide them through fixes.

Panorama Group Poses

Take panorama photos to the next level by choreographing a human scene across shots. Have subjects pose, then side-step each time you take a frame.

Custom Wake Up and Shutdown Sounds

Make your iPhone feel like a Mac with custom jingles that play when powering up or down. A nostalgic bonus customization for Apple fans.

Voice Control Your Phone

Go hands-free by navigating your iPhone through Voice Control commands. Open and operate apps, navigate menus, dictate texts and emails, and more using only your voice.

Microgesture Control

When your hands are full, control core phone functions with subtle finger microgestures, like tapping or swiping along the edge. A handy way to maintain use of your device in all situations.

Smartphone Life saving  tricks

Beyond core phone features, these life hacks will optimize your habits and daily routines using your smartphone. Elevate your whole life with these tips.

Automated Power Saving

Set your phone to automatically enable Power Saving mode when the battery dips below a certain percentage. Preserve juice when you need it most.

Location-Based Automation

Leverage GPS location triggers for automation shortcuts that activate when arriving or leaving work, home, the gym, or any location.

Take your productivity and habits to the next level with place-based smartphone automation.

Bedtime Wind Down Routines

Support healthy sleep by creating a Bedtime Mode with Do Not Disturb, Dark Mode, and other settings that activate automatically when going to sleep. Wake up feeling refreshed.

Track Screen Time on Sheets

Monitor daily phone usage with IFTTT by logging the time you spend at specific locations like work, home, or the gym on a Google Sheet. Keep yourself accountable about device habits.

Smartphone Sleep Health

Regulate temperature throughout the night and analyze sleep cycles using sleep tracking accessories like the 8 Sleep Pod Pro. Fall asleep faster, wake up refreshed, and get a complete picture of your sleep quality.

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There you have it – over 100 smartphone tips and tricks ranging from basic to advanced. With practice, these hacks will become second nature and allow you to tap into the full capabilities of your powerful pocket computer.

The key is finding a few shortcuts that streamline your particular smartphone activities. Focus on automating frequent tasks, eliminating distractions, and customizing your home screen. In no time, you’ll be a smartphone pro.

Remember to periodically search for new features and hacks as phone software evolves. For example, keep an eye out for updates to iOS 17 and Android 14 later this year that may introduce exciting capabilities. With smartphones continuously improving, so too can your mastery of these devices.

Now get out there, put these tips to use, and unlock your phone’s full potential. You’ll wonder how you ever lived without these handy tricks! What tip are you most excited to try first? Let us know in the comments below.

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