Adobe’s Powerful Camera App 2024 – Stop Using Default Camera

The camera on your smartphone can produce decent photos, but rarely achieves stunning results. That’s because default smartphone cameras lack advanced features and editing capabilities.

Adobe Photoshop Camera- Top Mobile Cheats

Adobe aims to change that with their Photoshop Camera app. This AI-powered app was built by Photoshop wizards to help you capture and create incredible photos.

In this in-depth guide, we’ll cover everything you need to know about Adobe’s Photoshop Camera app. You’ll learn how it works, its standout features, and how it compares to other top camera apps like Snapseed, Camera+, Halide, and the default iPhone camera.

Let’s dive in!

What is Photoshop Camera?

Adobe Photoshop Camera is a free AI-powered camera app for iOS and Android. It was built by the Photoshop team to help you capture stunning photos using real-time filters and effects powered by Adobe Sensei AI.

The app features numerous lenses and filters designed by well-known artists and influencers. It also utilizes Adobe’s AI to instantly enhance aspects of your photo like lighting, color balance, and detail.

You can edit RAW images within the app using tools like curves, white balance, and noise reduction. The edits are non-destructive, meaning you can go back and tweak adjustments anytime.

Overall, Photoshop Camera aims to help anyone take professional-grade photos on their smartphone, regardless of photography experience.

Now let’s look at some of the standout features that enable you to capture incredible photos.

Key Features of Photoshop Camera

Here are some of the most useful capabilities of Photoshop Camera:

A Massive Variety of Lenses & Filters

Photoshop Camera offers endless options for enhancing your photos in real time via lenses and filters.

There are hundreds of unique lenses created by well-known artists and influencers like Billie Eilish and NASA. These lenses add cool effects like vintage film looks, double exposure, and psychedelic visuals.

The app also contains an Explore tab showcasing creative lenses to spark inspiration. You can browse lenses based on category or mood.

Filters work similarly to lenses but offer more subtle enhancements. Use these to fine-tune the look by adjusting contrast, saturation, warmth, and more.

With so many lenses and filters to choose from, you can give each photo a totally unique style.

Powerful AI Photo Enhancements

Photoshop Camera harnesses Adobe Sensei AI to instantly improve aspects of your photos.

For example, the app can automatically adjust:

  • Lighting – Sensei intelligently enhances the lighting in your scene. It might boost shadows, subdue highlights, or add subtle lighting effects.
  • Color – The AI analyzes and optimizes the color balance, saturation, and contrast. This helps make tones more vivid and pleasing.
  • Detail – Your shots are sharpened to look crisper and clearer. The AI selectively sharpens key areas like eyes and facial features.

These intelligent enhancements happen in real time, allowing you to see results as you’re framing the shot.

Shoot RAW Photos

Most smartphone cameras only capture JPEGs. The problem is that JPEGs are compressed files with reduced image quality.

Photoshop Camera lets you shoot photos in RAW format. RAW retains all the data captured by the camera sensor, allowing much more editing flexibility.

You can then leverage the built-in editing tools to process your RAW images into stunning photos.

Powerful Editing Tools

Speaking of editing tools, Photoshop Camera provides advanced controls for processing your shots.

You can fine-tune the white balance, adjust tone curves, reduce noise, and more – all without leaving the app. Edits are non-destructive too.

Other editing features include:

  • Crop and straighten
  • Adjust brightness, contrast, highlights and shadows
  • Add vignettes
  • Selective editing with brushes
  • Undo anytime

Having these desktop-caliber editing tools right inside a camera app is extremely rare and powerful.

Easy Sharing & Exporting

Photoshop Camera makes it simple to share your fabulous creations. You can instantly export to social channels or save a copy to your camera roll.

The app also saves all your edited photos within a library for quick access later.

Overall, you get a seamless creative workflow – from capture to enhance to export.

Now that you’re acquainted with Photoshop Camera, let’s see how it stacks up against other popular camera apps. We’ll compare it across 4 key factors.

Get the Adobe Photoshop Camera App:

For Android.

For IOS.

Photoshop Camera vs Default iPhone Camera

The iPhone’s native Camera app is convenient but pretty basic. Let’s compare it to Photoshop Camera in terms of lenses/filters, editing tools, AI enhancements, and photo quality:

FeaturesDefault iPhone CameraPhotoshop Camera
Lenses/FiltersNoneHundreds of creative lenses and filters
Editing ToolsBasic: crop, auto-enhanceAdvanced: curves, noise reduction, selective edits, etc.
AI EnhancementsLimited auto adjustmentsAutomatic lighting, color, and detail improvements
Image QualityGoodExcellent – can shoot RAW

As you can see, Photoshop Camera is vastly more capable when it comes to creative options, editing controls, intelligent enhancements, and overall image quality.

The default Camera app is quick and easy for everyday shots. But for stunning results, Photoshop Camera has a clear advantage.

Next let’s pit it against a popular pro camera app, Snapseed.

Photoshop Camera vs Snapseed

Snapseed is a photo editing app from Google. It provides professional-grade tools for processing images. But it lacks many real-time capture capabilities.

Here is how Photoshop Camera and Snapseed stack up:

FeaturesSnapseedPhotoshop Camera
Lenses/FiltersA few basic filtersHundreds of creative lenses and filters
Editing ToolsAdvanced tools like curves, brushes, etc.Advanced RAW editing tools
AI EnhancementsLimited auto adjustmentsAutomatic lighting, color, and detail improvements
Real-time PreviewNoYes

The biggest differences come down to real-time effects and quantity of lens/filter options.

Photoshop Camera lets you see results as you’re capturing, thanks to the many live lenses and AI-powered effects. Snapseed is solely focused on post-processing.

Photoshop Camera also provides a wider range of creative styles to choose from when shooting.

Overall, Photoshop Camera is preferable for its real-time capture capabilities. But Snapseed remains a great option for detailed post-editing.

Up next we’ll examine Camera+ and its capabilities versus Photoshop Camera.

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Photoshop Camera vs Camera+

Camera+ is feature-rich shooting and editing app for iPhone and iPad. Here’s how it stacks up to Photoshop Camera:

FeaturesCamera+Photoshop Camera
Lenses/FiltersDecent selectionHundreds of creative lenses and filters
Editing ToolsGood selection of editing toolsAdvanced RAW editing tools
Manual ControlsExposure, focus, white balanceLimited manual controls
AI EnhancementsSome basic adjustmentsAutomatic lighting, color, and detail improvements

Camera+ provides great manual capture controls like exposure, focus, and white balance. Photoshop Camera is lacking there.

However, Photoshop Camera has a leg up when it comes to real-time effects, intelligent auto enhancements, RAW capabilities, and sheer quantity of creative options.

Overall, Camera+ excels at manual camera controls while Photoshop Camera is better for applying effects and AI-powered adjustments during capture. It comes down to your specific needs and shooting style.

Finally, let’s see how Photoshop Camera measures up to the popular pro camera app, Halide.

Photoshop Camera vs Halide

Halide is a feature-packed camera app acclaimed for its intuitive manual controls. Here is how the two apps compare:

FeaturesHalidePhotoshop Camera
Lenses/FiltersA few basic filtersHundreds of creative lenses and filters
Manual ControlsFocus, exposure, white balance, RAW, etc.Limited
AI EnhancementsMinimalAutomatic lighting, color, and detail improvements
Editing ToolsGood selection of editing toolsAdvanced RAW editing tools

Much like Camera+, Halide offers excellent manual camera controls but lacks the real-time effects and intelligent enhancements of Photoshop Camera.

Halide lets you fine-tune focus, exposure, white balance and provides an amazing level of flexibility when capturing shots. But its filters and editing tools are fairly basic.

So Halide shines for manual camera control, while Photoshop Camera is superior for creative flexibility and AI-enhanced automation.

Is Photoshop Camera Worth It?

After comparing it to some of the top camera apps, is Photoshop Camera worth using?

In my opinion – absolutely!

It provides a unique hybrid shooting and editing workflow that intelligently enhances your photos in real time. The sheer volume of effects at your fingertips is unparalleled.

For creative control over the look of your photos, it can’t be beat.

That said, it is lacking in terms of manual camera controls. So apps like Halide or Camera+ may better serve you if priority #1 is dialing in exposure, focus, etc.

But for applying effects on the fly and having AI handle enhancements – Photoshop Camera is hard to top. Plus the powerful editing features make it incredibly versatile.

It’s definitely worth downloading to see for yourself. And remember – it’s 100% free!

Next I’ll walk through how to use the key features of the app and share some pro tips.

How to Use Photoshop Camera

Here is an overview of how to harness the core capabilities of Photoshop Camera:

Browsing & Selecting Lenses

Open the app and swipe left/right on the Lenses carousel to preview different options. Tap a lens thumbnail to select it.

The Explore tab provides categories and moods to filter lenses by. Tap a category, then swipe through available lenses.

Turn on any lens to see it applied live to your camera view.

Using Filters

Tap the filter icon (three overlapping circles) while framing your shot.

This displays the filter menu. Swipe horizontally through the filters to preview them.

Tap a filter to enable it. You can combine multiple filters.

Capturing Photos & Video

The shutter button interface works just like the default camera app.

Tap the shutter button to capture a photo. Press and hold the button to take a video.

The app also supports features like burst mode, timers, and flash settings.

Reviewing and Editing

After capturing a photo, tap the thumbnail icon at the bottom to enter review mode.

Here you can apply any additional lenses and filters, as well as make edits:

  • Tap the Edit icon to access adjustment tools like curves, white balance, noise reduction etc.
  • Use the Crop icon to adjust framing and orientation.
  • Tap Undo at any time to revert changes.

When the edit is complete, tap the Export icon to share the photo.

That covers the basics of using Photoshop Camera! Next I’ll share some pro tips to level up your results.

Tips for Taking Better Photos with Photoshop Camera

Here are some professional tips and techniques to capture stunning shots with Photoshop Camera:

  • Pick lenses/filters before shooting – Browse all the creative effects before you shoot to have options in mind. This allows you to plan shots that play to the strengths of certain lenses.
  • Use portrait mode for sharp focus – Enable portrait mode to mimic SLR-like shallow depth of field. This creates professional background blur (bokeh) while keeping your subject tack-sharp.
  • Try dramatic angles – Don’t just take the obvious shot, experiment with low/high angles, silhouettes, macro etc. Unique perspectives showcase the possibilities of each lens.
  • Play with lighting – Move around your subject and notice how lighting changes the look through your selected lens. Contrasty, side, or backlighting often boosts impact.
  • Capture RAW – If using a lens with subtle enhancements, shoot RAW to have flexibility processing later. RAW retains maximum image data.
  • Refine manually too – Use manual focus mode to precisely control focus point. And selectively edit areas like faces or skies for greater polish.
  • Share creatively – Export square crops ideal for Instagram. Or share unedited shots directly to other apps or your camera roll.

Mastering these tips will help you think beyond just pointing and shooting with Photoshop Camera. You’ll be able to intentionally craft incredible images.

Let’s wrap up with answers to some common questions about the app.

FAQs About Photoshop Camera

Does Photoshop Camera require an Adobe Creative Cloud subscription?

No! Adobe Photoshop Camera is 100% free. No Creative Cloud subscription is needed to use the app and all of its features.

What devices is Photoshop Camera available for?

Adobe Photoshop Camera is available as a free download for iPhone and Android phones. It is not currently available on iPad or other tablets.

Can I shoot video with Photoshop Camera?

Yes! The Adobe Photoshop Camera app supports capturing both photos and videos. You can apply lenses and filters to videos too for creative effects.

Does Photoshop Camera support RAW photos?

Yes, Photoshop Camera can capture images in RAW format on supported devices, enabling greater editing flexibility. The app also provides advanced tools for processing RAW files.

Can I use Photoshop Camera as my default camera app?

On iPhone, yes – you can set Photoshop Camera as your default camera within your device settings. On Android, defaults vary by model – check manufacturer settings.

Is there a way to save custom presets in Photoshop Camera?

Not currently. While you can’t save custom presets, you can favorite lenses and filters for quick access to ones you use frequently.

Unlock Your Creativity with Photoshop Camera

As you can see, Adobe’s Photoshop Camera app provides creative possibilities far beyond your default camera. With real-time lenses, pro editing tools, and intelligent AI, you have everything needed to capture jaw-dropping photos.

We covered the standout features of Photoshop Camera and how it compares favorably to apps like Snapseed, Camera+, and Halide.

This powerful camera app makes stunning photography easy for anyone. And perhaps most importantly – it’s completely free!

Explore the possibilities by downloading Photoshop Camera for your iPhone or Android device today. Just remember to check out all the lenses and filters before shooting to take full advantage.

With practice and applying the pro tips, you’ll be consistently capturing magazine-worthy shots. Now get out there and let your creativity run wild!

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